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Electrical segment:

  1. Various type of contacts and tips
  2. Carbon and carbon brush holder
  3. Transformers like toroidal, pulse, Auto, High frequency, Ferrite core, control transformers for panel, power and distribution transformers, current and potential transformers, Variac single and three phase (1Amp~200 Amp.) etc.
  4. Various type of inductor coils (A.C. & D.C.)
  5. Various types of small and medium geared DC motors for control equipments.

Mechanical Segment:

  1. Casting of non ferrous components
  2. Fabrication of various types of enclosures and frames
  3. Mining tools and accessories
  4. Spare parts of photofinishing equipments like rollers, gears, bushes, springs, cutting blades, etc.

Electronic Segment:

  1. Digital passenger announcement system (DTR)
  2. Digital running massage display
  3. RFID equipment for access control
  4. Various customised PCBs
  5. Ultra sonic double sheet ejector
  6. Various customised sensor & transducers
  7. Digital equipments for photographic laboratory
  8. Automation designing and embedded programming

Service and Repair:

  1. Digital photographic machineries and equipments
  2. RFID based AFC system (Automatic Fare Collection Systems)
  3. Various mechanical, electrical and electronic equipments and machineries
  4. We undertake electrical contact brazing and micro spot welding jobs with precise machine and tools.